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Boracay, Philippines | Cheap Flights Cheap Hotels
Wed, 27/06/2012 - 05:18

Boracay, Philippines

boracay view from starbucksWhen you think clear blue water, white beaches lined with palm trees and the archetypal island paradise you might immediately think of Thailand or the Maldives. Add to that, cheap hotel prices, cafes, bars a huge selection of quality restaurants and nearly every outdoor activity you can think of and you’re getting close to Boracay in the Philippines.











Boracay is a small island located about an hour flight south east of the capital Manila. Boracay is not a new destination to those in the know yet to many westerners including Aussies, it’s not a typical tropical destination and normally not considered as people quickly chose one of the closer South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Indo or Malaysia.


What's on offer in Boracay:


boracay white beach path

The Beach!

The natural beauty of the island is the stand out point and why the island initially became popular as a travel destination.  Much of the island is dominated by a long beautiful white beach, appropriately named “White Beach”, unlike many tropical destinations this beach does not have a main road nearby and has a sand path that follows the beach, either side of the path is bars, restaurants, shops, massage parlours, cafes and everything else you could possible want on a holiday. This sets Boracay apart and really makes you feel like you’re part of the tropical island experience as you wander along the sandy path, get a coffee, bite to eat or cold drink the beach and turquoise water is always in view.


Value for Money

Boracay is a bit more expensive than much of the Philippines as it is a tourist destination. However for westerners it is still very well priced with drinks from 50 cents, fantastic meals at $4 and cheap hotel deals. Boracay is a great option for the budget conscious traveller or someone who wants to live it up!  If you really want the bargains then the best time to visit Boracay is in the Low Season, around June, July, August. Hotel prices can be up to half price, the reason for this is low season is the rainy season, or typhoon season! As daunting as that sounds, it does not mean that there will be a typhoon or that it will always be raining. If you’re comfortable with a bit of wind and rain while having 30 degrees temperature, degrees then this time of year could be good for you. Many people choose to come at this time as it is not only cheaper but there is less tourists and some enjoy the tropical rain to cool off – it’s still possible to experience beautiful blue skies during this period however you really can’t bet on the weather during this period.


Things to do

Beach – It is easy to spend a whole day on the beach in Boracay, enjoying the sun, the water and watch the stream of people walking up and down the beach. The beach is lined with chairs and sunbeds that can be serviced from the local restaurants so there really is no reason to leave!


Sailing trips, jet ski, parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving – When you walk along white beach you will soon discover the huge array of aqua sports on offer, vendors will approach you and quickly show you what is on offer!


Motorbike , ATV and buggy hire – you can hire a motorbike to get around the island or also in the north of the island hire buggies.


Food – Boracay has a huge selection of restaurants to choose from, the stand out is the seafood – many restaurants will showcase fresh seafood you can select and have cooked to your liking. The restaurants include much more than just Pilipino food with options like Burgers, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Greek and more. All meals are reasonably priced and will seldom cost you more than $10 per person.


Pampering - Boracay has many spas and massage parlours, ranging from cheap massages on the beach to indulgent full day pampering sessions at 5 star spas.


Nightlife – White beach has many bars and clubs of all different types. From your small bamboo relaxed bars, to big modern clubs, whatever your taste is Boracay has something to offer.


...And much more!


boracay ferry

Getting to Boracay

If you are arriving from overseas your first port of call is the nation’s capital Manila. From Manila you can get a flight to Kalibo or Caticlan. Caticlan is much closer to Boracay whereas Kalibo requires a one and half hour bus ride. Kalibo is a larger airport with bigger planes; this can be a draw card for some people uncomfortable with smaller aircraft. From Caticlan a short ferry ride of about 15 minutes will take you to Boracay, if you don’t have prearranged transport to your hotel from the jetty you can hire a trike to take you for a few dollars.

Find cheap flights or cheap hotels in Boracay.