Sat, 30/07/2011 - 01:27

How to Find Out Peak and Off Peak Times to Travel

We have all heard about "Peak" and "Off Peak" but how do you find out when these times are? and do you even want to travel in off peak? (usually there's reason for why its off peak time in destinations). Finding off peak times is the key to finding great deals , often the best way to go is to go just outside the peak periods - so you get the good deals but pay less! So here are some factors to consider in getting your off peak bargains.


When it comes to finding out the right times to take a trip, many things come into play. Travel agents normally know quite a lot about your destination, but you may worry that they have something to gain by not always trying to get you the absolute cheapest flights and hotels, and it can be hard to trust their judgment. With a bit of research of your own and using Cheap Flights Cheap Hotels,  you can work out when the most popular times to travel to your destination are, and you can figure out when you should travel as a result.



The climate of your destination will have a lot of influence on peak and off peak times to travel. Obviously, summers are popular and rainy seasons, if such exist, are times when no one wants to travel. Who, after all, wants to pay to sit in a monsoon for a few weeks? at the same time, some of us are unphased by the rain and happy to take up the bargains.


Looking up the climate of your destination (try a Google search "Insert Destination climate") will allow you to surmise when most people will want to travel to the country you hope to travel to. However, be prepared to look into the cooler seasons as you need to know whether you’re going to want to travel during that time. If, for example, it rains non-stop from April until October, you won’t want to simply confine your holiday to wintertime.


Local holidays and events can make a difference, too. Rio de Janeiro will be jam-packed during the carnival, for example, as New Orleans remains an extremely popular destination for Mardi Gras despite the devastation remaining in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.


School holidays, if you are not constrained to travelling on school holidays then you certainly have an opportunity to leverage this to get some cheaper deals! If you want the travel bargains definitely do not travel within school holiday periods, the flights and hotels are booked up with family travellers. If you observe your local school holiday dates, look at dates that fall a week or so outside these dates - you will save hundreds and also get a lot more choice of seats and hotels.


Finding out when the peak or off peak times are for your holiday destination of choice isn’t too tricky. Putting in a little bitof footwork to find out whether your scheduling clashes with a busy period may seem like a lot of hassle, but it will be more than worth it when you’re sipping margaritas on a sunlit beach!