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Top 10 Cheap Holidays | Cheap Flights Cheap Hotels
Fri, 18/03/2011 - 04:58

Top 10 Cheap Holidays

If you like your Holidays Cheap then this Top 10 Cheap Holidays for 2011 will have you packing your bags and heading out the door..


10. Your CBD

Rather than spending hundreds or thousands on flights, why not pick your favourite place in your CBD and live large for a few nights. This is the absolute cheapest way to induldge yourself and is a great way for some quick and easy time out that can be done on any weekend.


9. Darwin

It's jewels like Darwin that go underneath most people's radar when thinking about holiday destinations, which means that you're not going to get the hawds of tourists and you're bound to pick up some stunning deals as there's not as many people searching for them. Depending where you're located, Flights to Darwin as low as $100 return - and you can pick up some great cheap hotels for the $100 a night mark. If you like tropical weather and the Australian outback at its finest, then Darwin will be sure to impress. With Kakadu National park near by, its a must-do trip for all Aussies.


8. Phuket

If a real holiday for you means going to somewhere over a sea, that has different food and culture. Phuket in Thailand is a great cheap holiday. Phuket is located in the lower Southern part of Thailand meaning its closer to Australia which means cheaper flights. Phuket is also fully geared for tourists, so there's a mass of hotels wanting to get people into their rooms so there's ALWAYS some great cheap hotel bargains in Phuket to be had. If you're not been to Phuket and you like Asia, then its a must. Phuket has a combination of beaches, night life, good food, golf, resorts and everything else you could ask for.


7. Gold coast

A close cheap aussie destination and a favourite for many is the Gold Coast, budget Airlines often run cheap flight deals to the Gold coast and if you're lucky you can get flights as low as $80 return, depending where you live.


6. Penang

Penang is often over looked as a holiday destination, once very popular Penang is now a quieter and less touristy destination. You can often get a cheap flight to Penang via Kuala Lumpur or direct to Penang, if you're in the region. Penang is a cheaper holiday destination than it's capital KL possibly because its less frequented - there are often some stunning hotel deals to be had here. $50 a night for a 4 star Hotel is possible! The food in Penang is world renowned and worth going there just for the food. Check it out.



For the adventurous, Cambodia is cheap cheap cheap. Hotels and Food and pretty much everything else is Cheap, we're talking $5 meals, $50 a night hotel rooms and of course most importantly... $10 massages. Cambodian food is devine and theres plenty of attractions, especially the wonder of the world - Angkor Wat Temple. Cambodia is what some neighbouring countries were 50 years ago - so if you like less developed countries, definitely go before they zoom up to modern culture.



So many flights go to Singapore, its the flight hub of Asia - this means that there's more flights, more competition for the airways and so you can pick up a good bargain. Hotels are a plenty in Singapore however many in the city are not classified as Cheap, so you'll have to keep an eye out for a good bargain.


3. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a pretty little historical city on the coast of Vietnam. If you're after an interesting yet relaxing holiday away from it all, blended with a bit of shopping - this place is for you. You can get some cheap flights to Vietnam these days, the best way to do it - (cheapest way anyway) is to travel to Singapore and then to Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) then on to Hoi An. You really must check out Hoi An, hotels are in the region of $50 a day for a great hotel, or more depending on your preference for indulgence. The food in Vietnam is amazing, and mostly very healthy! (nice change). Hoi Ann has beautiful beaches and french provincial styled lanes and shops. You can also pick up some dirt cheap tailored suits!


2. Bali, Indonesia

A well known cheap holiday, but definitely one of the best! Cheap Flights to Bali and Cheap Hotels in Bali are always available.


1. Lombok, Indonesia

Less known, If you like Bali and would prefer Bali 50 years ago... then you would love Lombok. This quieter island neighbouring Bali has prestine beaches, beautiful food and cheap everything. Lombok is a 2 hour ferry trip away from Bali or 30min flight - either way its cheap and easy to get from Bali to Lombok and once there its cheaper than Lombok. It's definitely quieter than Bali so if you're looking for a Party holiday, definitely stay with Bali. Meals in Lombok are often under $10, accommodation is $100 per night mark and massages are great $10. Overall its probably 10-20% cheaper than Bali.