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Cheap Hotels Perth | Cheap Flights Cheap Hotels


Perth is renowned for its beauty, beach and warm weather.  It’s Mediterranean climate, spacious parks and kilometres upon kilometres of clean white beaches and fresh blue water make it a popular destination for those seeking to experience Australia’s beauty without the hustle and bustle common on the east coast of Australia.

Find Cheap Hotels in Perth

A guide to Perth

Perth is situated in Western Australia, Australia’s largest state – by a long shot. To put this into perspective many are familiar as the saying “as big as Texas”, well you can fit 4 Texas’s into Western Australia. This makes Perth one of the most isolated metropolitan cities in the world, as it is so far away from other major cities in the other states. The beauty about this means that Perth has been blessed with a lot of space and the city has preserved this sense of space with large parks and beach areas.

One of the first things that strike people about Perth is its natural beauty, with the CBD sitting on the Swan River surrounded by green, well maintained parklands, virtually no pollution and fresh clean air. Some go as far as saying Perth is like driving through one big park.

Areas to Stay in Perth & things to see and do

There are many great areas to stay in Perth and not surprisingly many are close to the water, a love long standing love affair Perthites have with water.


Perth’s CBD is comparatively much smaller than its Eastern States counterparts; you can easily walk around the CBD in an afternoon and get a very good idea of what is on offer. The Perth CBD is also very easy to navigate with much less traffic it makes a leisurely enjoyable stroll.

The CBD is situated on the foreshore of the Swan River, Perth’s main river. It is approximately 15-20 minutes east of the coast line.

Perth city is not typically associated with the booming nightlife or streams of cafes, restaurants and bars that you would expect in Melbourne or Sydney. However the people of Perth love a good meal, drink and coffee and this is creating a change in the amount of new high quality cafes, bars and restaurants.

Staying in the Perth CBD can be a good base to seeing the rest of Perth as public transport in the form of buses, trains and ferries connect you to the rest of the sights outside of the city.

Things to do in the CBD:

  • Take a Ferry ride on the swan river.
  • Visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  • Take a walk or short bus trip to the beautiful Kings Park. A large natural bushland park and garden, the view from here over Perth is breath taking. Your trip to Perth would not be complete without visiting here.
  • Hire a bike and cycle around the swan river.
  • Spend an afternoon walking around the city.


It’s hard to not fall in love with Fremantle and your stay in Perth would not be complete without visiting the small city.

Fremantle is located approximately 15 minutes south of the Perth CBD where the Swan River meets the ocean. You can easily get to Fremantle from the CBD on a bus, train or an even more fun way – by ferry from the Perth City Jetty.

Fremantle is possibly Perth’s biggest tourist destination, for so many different reasons that you will soon discover.  Fremantle was the first colonised port of Western Australia over 100 years ago, this has left a legacy of beautiful architecture in the city, reminiscent of a European city.

One of the first thing you will notice about Fremantle is its even more laid back pace. Fremantle is about enjoying life, taking your time and wondering around the cafes, book shops, markets and of course fisherman’s wharf.

Must do’s in Fremantle:

  • For something a bit more interesting, take the Ferry from the Perth CBD to Fremantle harbour. It’s a great way to see the beautiful Swan River. Ferries leave often on a daily basis, you can make your bookings either online or at the Perth City Jetty.
  • Visit “The Round House”, an old limestone colonial jail built by convicts located right on the beach. Fremantle is rich in Western Australian history and this is a great must see place to get an understanding of how it all started in Perth.
  • The Maritime Museum showcases WA’s close connected with the ocean and is located right on the Fremantle harbour in a stunning building.
  • At the core of Fremantle’s culture are the markets. Fremantle has two main markets  the E-Shed markets located on the harbour and The Fremantle Markets, located in central Fremantle.
  • Café strip – find a spot in the sun, get a fantastic coffee and people watch. Located in the centre of Fremantle this is a popular place to enjoy a lazy weekend.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf – If you don’t go to anywhere else in Fremantle this is where you should go. Originally and still operating as a fishing wharf this beautiful pocket of water is surrounded by fish and chip shops, restaurants, and of course boats. Right next door to here is the very popular Little Creatures brewery – definitely visit here to experience Fremantle at it’s best.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe is to Perth as Bondi is to Sydney; this is Perth’s most famous beach and visiting it any weekend in summer you will see why.  Many people swarm to Cottesloe beach during summer to claim a patch of beach or grass overlooking the beach. Fortunately it’s never too crowded to find a good spot.  Cottesloe also has a range of beach side restaurants, hotels and pubs/bars. It’s a very popular and vibrant place in summer and worth a visit.

Scarborough Beach

Another popular Perth beach that is located about 20 minutes North West of the city centre. Scarborough has a range of restaurants, park lands and large beach that is good for swimming and surfing.