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TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD NOW!This travel book contains proven steps and strategies on how to get the most out of your travels.Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this incredibly discounted price!Travelling can indeed offer a lot of benefits to us, and because of modern technology, travelling has become accessible to more people. In this book, you will find practical tips on how to make your travels more enjoyable and fulfilling and how to travel without breaking the bank.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Why We Should Travel Tips On Making Your Travel Cheap And Sometimes Free! Tips For Learning The Native Culture How To Make Learning The Native Language Easier (Whether It Is French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Greek or Russian) How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation100 Places To Travel To Before You Die Extended Travel And How To Plan For Long Term Vacations Retirement Travelling Much, Much More!Download your copy today!

E-zzz Traveler's Travel Guide For Los Angeles

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The 2015-16 E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide for Los Angeles. L.A. is Now a No-Car Required Travel Zone You don't need a car in L.A! You can see most of L.A.'s great tourist attractions, without the hassle of renting a car. See sites like: Hollywood, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, all of the Movie and TV studios including: Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros Studio and Sony Pictures. No-car is required for: The Getty Center, the Getty Villa, the LA Zoo, The Griffith Observatory, the Santa Monica Pier, or to visit Long Beach, or to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center in Expo Park AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. No car is required for any of the above attractions with: The E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide for the Los Angeles Area. The 2015-16 E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide for Los Angeles Area. It's a No-Car Required Travel Guide It's an Eco-friendly, E-Zzz Travel Guide for both the High and Low-Tech frugal traveler. It's Travel Insurance for Smartphone users too. * * *Welcome to: The 2015-16 E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide for Los Angeles and its environs that include: all of Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Culver City and Manhattan Beach, California. It's the ideal travel guide for all travelers. It's a car-free, carefree, money saving travel guide for visiting the Los Angeles area and using its unique public transportation systems. This low-cost travel guide is for both the low and high-tech traveler. The Los Angeles area is one of America's greatest places to visit with its numerous museums, galleries, gardens, movie studios and lots and lots of entertainment and an exceptional public transportation system. This Eco-Friendly travel guide utilizes that great transportation system from the time you leave the airport to your return. You'll move through the city like a local, not to mention the money you'll save on rental cars and gas thus avoiding the hassle of parking and traffic congestion; congestion is what LA is noted for and is the one-thing holiday travelers should try to avoid. It's a Vacation-time waster.Best of all: your carbon footprint will be lessened. FOR THE HIGH-TECH Traveler this E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide can be a smartphone user's travel insurance policy too. When you're in Los Angeles, what would you do if: your smartphone was damage, lost or stolen? Do you stop your vacation and go home? Do you waste your precious vacation time looking and/or waiting for a repair, a replacement? The answer is no, if you have our 2015-16 E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide. With this travel guide you'll be able to complete your holiday using the guide's E-Zzz Day Trips. The 2015-16 E-Zzz Traveler's Travel Guide is a very cheap insurance policy -under $8.00USD- with no expiration date; you can use this year and next and it's small enough too, to fit into your pocket or purse. So why take the chance. It's an insurance policy that's good for this year and next, an insurance policy to share with your friends and family. GET INSURED IT'S WORTH IT Our Travel Guides make great gifts too.

Traveling Junkie

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From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Traveling Junkie":

Howdy friend, who wants "to travel for vacation on a budget,"

Let me guess, you are looking for a getaway. By getaway, I mean vacation. Ah yes, the vacation that you've been dreaming about all year. Well you certainly deserved to! After all, what's the point of living and not enjoying?

Traveling offers that much needed relaxation to get away from everything with yourself or with friends and families. It allows you to clear your head and remember why life is so freaking awesome, and revitalize yourself to refocus your perspective on things.

But what's the biggest setback stopping our fellow travelers from doing it more often? Work? Time? How about the biggest hurdle of them all - money?

Let's face it, vacations don't come cheap. They cost money, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of dough or lose a leg to afford it. You just may not know how to best go about it, know what to do, or are simply overwhelmed. Fret not!

On the other hand, perhaps you're one of those lucky folks who get to go on permanent vacation whenever you want and money is not an issue, but still, wouldn't you rather enjoy more savings and travel the smart way?

That's why we're focusing on the fastest way to get going on a vacation, regardless of whatever limited-vacation time you may have, and travel on a budget.

By being a "Traveling Junkie," you will know:

* How to plan a vacation fast even if you don't know where to go.

* How to find the cheapest flight deals the smart way step-by-step.

* How to book your accommodations to save tons of money.

* How to calculate your budget and not go over expenses.

* The secret insider tips only experienced savvy trailers know and do.

...and full-satisfied junkie more.

So what are you waiting for? Instead of dreaming about sipping coconut under a palm tree, be actually doing it! And send me a postcard while you're at it (even if you don't like coconut staying at some big city instead). Plan your vacation now!

Signing off. Your friend,
- The How-To Junkie

Cheap Iceland

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Updated 2nd Edition, September 2016! Learn how to travel this amazing country on a tight budget. Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it is possible to backpack in this country very frugally. This book includes experienced-based frugal tips for backpack travel in Iceland including currency exchange, air travel, food, and accommodation.

Travel Through China

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